Ohio Sixty Somethings Who Are Overcoming Adversity: Paying Health Forward

The pages of the calendar reveal a new year and new opportunities…and for many Baby Boomers, “take better care of myself” is likely on their 2019 resolution list. Exemplifying that is a dynamic group of Ohio 60 somethings...

COPC Physician Promotes Eating Fruits and Veggies to Promote Health

Joseph McKelvey slid some kale from his cutting board into a colander and moved on to chopping up butternut squash.

The December afternoon marked the first time the 64-year-old retiree was making butternut squash and kale soup, a recipe he learned from “Real Men Cook and Eat Vegetables,” a program of the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

COPC Physician Satisfaction Equals Consumer Loyalty to Esteemed Brands

At a time when substantial numbers of primary care physicians are disgruntled about their work environment and physician burnout reaches an all-time high, the physicians at Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) are more satisfied and loyal than customers of some of the nation’s most beloved corporations.

A recent survey of COPC physicians showed their Net Promoter Score of 85 is higher than Apple and Southwest Airlines. In fact, the only constituents who appear to be more loyal than COPC physicians are the owners of a Tesla automobile...